Douglas Aircraft Company Customer Service Document (CSD No. 1)

Type 1: Materials and Procedures for General Exterior Cleaning of
Painted and Unpainted Surfaces (General Purpose Cleaner)

As part of the approval process for an Australian-based airline carrier, GEMTEK Products completed testing for SC-Aircraft & Metal Cleaner and SC-EZ-Solv Safety Solvent for exterior aircraft cleaning. SC-EZ-Solv was tested by the airline and proven to be a very fast and effective cleaner for removing built-up hydrocarbon soils on aircraft exteriors. While SC-EZ-Solv is not appropriate for acrylic plastic, it is recommended for use on metal surfaces as a pre-treatment before using SC-Aircraft & Metal Cleaner as an overall exterior wash.

According to Douglas Aircraft CSD No. 1, Type 1, SC-EZ-Solv comforms to the following specifications:

  • Effect on Painted Sufaces
  • Sandwich Corrosion
  • Immersion Corrosion, Aluminum
  • Cadmium Removal
  • Hydrogen Embrittlement

Contact GEMTEK for a copy of the complete report (specification testing conducted by SMI)