Replace traditional hazardous chemistries with powerful, non-toxic products


GEMTEK® Products is committed to providing the absolute safest, most effective and cost competitive products in the market today.

GEMTEK® Products is quickly becoming a single resource for industrial users by providing plant-based products that range from cleaners to hydraulic fluid. Today, GEMTEK® enjoys a worldwide presence as a state-of-the-art alternative to traditional toxic or environmentally hazardous chemistries.

Chemical safety is not just a concern for the end-user, but should be a concern for companies who expose their workers to hazardous chemicals and the liability involved. GEMTEK® has the technology to replace many of these hazardous and toxic chemistries, and will continue to develop and promote alternative non-toxic products that are safe for workers and the environment.

Industrial Cleaners, Solvents & Specialty Products
A natural way of denaturing or neutralizing of protein allergens
Industrial Lubricants & Specialty Fluids