a leader in the fastest growing niche market of the chemical industry – BIOBASED


GEMTEK® Products is a leader in the fastest growing niche market of the chemical industry – BIOBASED.

Going into its third decade as a pioneer in the biobased industry, GEMTEK® Products continues to dedicate itself to the research, development and production of non-toxic, environmentally-safe cleaners, degreasers, solvents, lubricants and specialty chemicals. Since 1992,  GEMTEK® has seen a global transformation that continues to move away from petroleum or synthetic-based chemistry in favor of renewable, plant-based products.

With hundreds of companies either producing or distributing biobased products, there can be no doubt that the biobased industry is at a turning point – turning toward a smaller carbon footprint to save our planet, Earth. GEMTEK® will continue to set the “gold” standard by providing its customers with superior performance products that are safe for people and the environment. Our ongoing investment in product performance testing, along with various government registrations and certifications, is our committed to excellence and our promise to provide the best service possible.

Chemical safety is not just a concern for the end-user, but should be a concern for companies who expose their workers to hazardous chemicals and the liability involved. GEMTEK® has the technology to replace many of these hazardous and toxic chemistries, and will continue to develop and promote alternative non-toxic products that are safe for workers and the environment…


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