GEMTEK’s vision is one of differences…striving for excellence, providing value to our customers, promoting the truth in our products and, in all ways, following the golden rule of business – Service, Service, Service. If we are to share these goals with our customers, we must begin by identifying distributors who share our our vision and commitment to providing sustainable, biobased products that are safe for people and the environment.

“Safely Cleaning Planet Earth ” is difficult work and not every chemical distributor is able to offer the Gold Standard of Excellence that is GEMTEK Products. We strive always to bring our customers a needed value, the highest quality in performance for the lowest available price. Value translates to long term, repeat customers. GEMTEK enjoys an unmatched level of customer loyalty and application excellence worldwide.

GEMTEK Distributors are trained to be problem solvers first, not just passive order takers. GEMTEK believes that customers are concerned, first and foremost, about their particular cleaning application, so we find safe solutions that are tailored to meet their needs.

We encourage you to join our team — Together, we can make a difference by “Safely Cleaning Planet Earth”. For more information about distribution opportunities, please contact:

Sarah S. Kristoff
Vice President
T. 602-265-8586 Ext. 410